Thursday, February 2, 2012

Worst Blogger Ever. Oh, Also, the 30 Day Drawing Challenge

Yes, I know. If you look, my last post is dated January twenty-something... of 2011!

I realize that my blog has no real focus, no rhyme nor reason, no direction. So I'm just going to have to give it all those things. Plus, you know, some content. I'd also like to put a widget for my new WePAY store on here and have a reason for people to come by and look at it.

So, let us begin, shall we?

Today's content will be about the 30 Day Drawing Challenge! A couple of days ago, I was aimlessly wandering through my friends' posts on Facebook, and discovered that one of them had joined this challenge called the 30 Day Drawing Challenge. It's just as it sounds; you draw something for 30 days in a row, based on the challenges listed.
I am on Day 3 (Favorite Food), but haven't drawn anything yet. Honestly, I love food, so I'm having trouble picking a favorite. Plus, I'm on a diet, so there's that as well.

Day 1's challenge was to draw yourself, which is always difficult, unless you're Frida Kahlo. By the way, did you know that Dorothea Tanning lived to be 101 years old? She passed away yesterday, which one can't really feel too bad about, since she made it to 101 years old. She did an amazing self portrait; I found it on her website last night. SEE WHY I SHOULDN'T BLOG? Let me write about whatever I want, and I'll just go all over the place. Can you believe I edit other people's writing and get paid for it? I can't.
So anyway, rather than show you the magnificent self-portrait of Dorothea Tanning I found last night, here's mine:

Yes, I know, I don't think it looks anything like me either. However, I am trying to stay true to the challenge, and simply draw one thing per day and take it for what it's worth.
Yesterday's challenge was "Favorite Animal", which, for me, is the dog. I have three of them, so I'm not lacking for models. I happened upon a square of black drawing paper and thought, hey, all three of my dogs are mostly black, so, easy-peasy! Mister Black Lab Mix, Axel, who would have been as easy to render on a sheet of black paper as *insert some noplace small town with no streetlights* at night, wouldn't participate, and being (apparently) part Amish, is afraid of having his photo taken. So I wound up drawing Cassie, the Aussie Shepherd, who, as colored pencil would have it, has the least black, but really likes having her picture taken. I drew this out freehand, so it's a little off, but I said I was going to take it for what it's worth.

Today's challenge is "Favorite Food", and I certainly hope the model is a bit more reasonable, once I figure out what it is. In the meanwhile, you can go check out the other challengers on the 30 Day Drawing Challenge Facebook Page. There are some very talented artists there who seem to be having a great deal of fun at this challenge!
Also, if anyone happens to know what my favorite food is, would you tell me? I'm stumped.

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