Sunday, November 8, 2009

New Drawing for the Weekend -- Home

The drawing I started on Friday and finished a little while ago was inspired by another Etsy artist, Laura Berger. I had recently discovered her whimsical style and chanced upon this cute drawing. I really liked the roots of the house and how the smoke coming out of the chimney made a flower. So since I just couldn't help myself, I decided to take the same idea and do something with it myself. I hope Laura doesn't mind, since her style and my style are quite different. I'm not sure if I really captured what I was going for exactly, but it was an interesting first try. This image is drawn in black ink using my Rapidograph 00 pen, then painted using colored inks.

I have already listed it for sale in my Etsy Shop. Clicking on the image will take you to the listing directly.

1 comment:

Fern said...

WOW! SUPER cool! I love it! It makes me think outside of the box some - purple chimney smoke... FUN!
Thanks for sharing. You're a great artist!