Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Funky Spaceship Weeds in my Back Yard!

I just pulled up a bunch of weeds in my yard yesterday and decided to take some pictures of them because they are so bizarre looking. The plant has a woody, rather fragile tap root and the plant sprawls out in all directions with pinnately compound leaves (each leaf has a stem off of which come several leaflets, like a fern), little yellow flowers and these green
seeds with spikes on them.
It is the seeds that take this plant over the top from "hey, that's a kind of cool looking weed, I think I'll let it live," to "WTF!!?? Tiny invaders from another planet are here to violate our housepets (and possibly explain the origins of Velcro)!"

There is an artist named Kathleen Dustin who creates purses and other decorative, functional objects from polymer clay in the style of strange seed pods and whatnot. She came to The Wooden Cow and gave a talk about her work. I need to send her these pictures because I totally need a purse like that seed. Don't you think? Nobody would f**k with me in line at the bank, that's for sure.

In fact, it reminds me of an illustration by Patrick Woodroffe that I have in a book somewhere... I think the one I was thinking of was from his book "Mythopoeikon" and is called "The Thorn Apple Tree." Here's a snapshot of it from my book.
It is a beautiful book, by the way. You can go buy a copy of this fantastic art book on Amazon here.


trixiefishstabber productions said...

Goat Heads. They are on my top ten of hated weeds, those little seed heads will go through a tire when they are dry not to mention feet. If you ever get poked by one you will know how much pain they cause with a bit of stinging chemical within is released. Ugh! And poor dogs, stops them dead in their tracks with a couple of those things in their pads... yes, they must be from a very evil planet...

Julie D'Arcy said...

Well I'll be damned. I always thought that the crabgrass-like pointy things in the front yard were goat heads. I just googled it, and yep, that's exactly what they are. Now I've got to figure out what the sh*t in the front yard is, because they are far more horrible. I'll have to blog about them next, except that they are ugly and nasty.