Thursday, June 5, 2008

Artistic Methods You May Have Never Heard Of

I was brainstorming about what unique wisdom I could contribute to the blogging community, and I decided that traditional art techniques or other people's work probably wasn't going to get my blog noticed. So I have decided to go on a quest to seek out art forms that my readers may not have heard of before, and explain why they are worth a second look.
Off the top of my head, I've thought of embossed prints, silverpoint, encaustic, TTV photography, wire-wrapped jewelry and double-walled pottery. I'm sure there are many cool techniques out there that I haven't thought of, so if you happen upon my blog and don't see your cool medium of choice there, leave me a comment, and maybe I'll get to learn something new myself! Stay tuned!

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ainesse said...

Hi Julie...I came on here through a Google alert for collagraph

A medium I thought of is "fumato" (I think it is called something along those lines. Working to make images with flame and smoke. Take care if you try it out!!!

Pyrography is another( they seem to call it poker work in the USA) -- although that can get terribly crafty ( in a predictable and cutesy way that is rather unpalatable.